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Glovdi™ is a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove that combines three devices in one. A smartphone, a smart watch and a fitness tracker. Imagine wearing your smartphone on your hand. Communicate with your friends, surf the internet, pay your bills, use GPS maps, roam social networks and take your selfies just like you would have done with your current smartphone. Its simple as, one two three. Snap! Simply wear it!

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Glovdi is everything you ever wanted in a wearable smartphone

Glovdi™ is aimed for fit and non-fit individuals who want to live the moment without being constantly occpupied by their smartphone. The device is aimed for sports enthusiasts including cyclists, surfers, skydivers, general athletes, sprinters, tennis players, Golfers, Skiers and so on and so forth. Glovdi is also aimed for people who engage in other activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking and in general any other individual at any case scenario or any techie who finds our device fascinating to use and wear. As you guessed it, the possibilities are endless!

Glovdi as an open platform

Glovdi™ is being developed with an open source platform in mind; meaning, any individual developer or company can develop apps and accessories to utilize the full potential of the device. For this purpose Glovdi™ the wearable smartphone will be powered by Android™ !! Help us shape the world we live in today, making technology accessible to everyone and to solve today's challenges for a bright tomorrow! Register your interest and become one of the first Glovdi partners! Help us spread the word to the world.

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Glovdi Technological Innovations

We are a London-based startup called Glovdi Technological Innovations. Our one and only mission, to thrive in technological innovations. We are specialising in wearables of the future and Internet of Things. This is the first time a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove has been in the making around the world. We are determined, that, by producing a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove, we can push the boundaries of technological innovations and move to a new era of wearable telecommunications. Join us in this awesome journey!!

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TThere are several ways to participate and help us shape the future of wearable tellecomunications


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